#30Layers#30Days Challenge - Day 1: Start. Stop. Continue.



With this being a season of new beginnings in my life, I was pretty jazzed to stumble upon GG Renee's #30Layers30Days Challenge on Twitter. Here is the reason for this challenge in her own words:

I was inspired to do this challenge because I am going through a major transition in my life.  It has been intense and unsettling and wonderful and OMG scary at times.  Growth is uncomfortable, but necessary.   Only through a concerted effort to become more self-aware can we really identify what we want and don't want.  

I couldn't agree more. With the way my brain is set up, the thought of growing and changing can become overwhelming to the point that none of the self-work gets done. What better way to ease that anxiety than a carefully constructed month-long challenge that allows me to focus on one "layer" at a time?

Thank you for this challenge, GG. Can't wait to grow!

Today is September 1. Let's jump right in:


START:  What do you want to start doing?  What do you want more of in your life?  What feelings, what activities, what energy?   What baby step can you take today?

STOP:  What have you had enough of?  What are you tolerating or feeding into that is not adding value to your life?  What area of your life is begging for more boundaries?

CONTINUE:  What habits or trends do you want to continue?  What's been working for you? What can you do to ensure you keep it going?


I want to start believing I am capable. Period. I look around too much. I notice what and how other people are doing. I compare what I've accomplished to everyone else and then I internalize the difference. I allow myself to sink into a depression subconsciously thinking and feeling, "I lack. I can't. I'm unworthy. I'm incapable." The crazy thing is that my life is filled with anecdotal proof of how I've rarely used normal methods to achieve a great outcome. I rarely went the "right" route. There was always a twist, though not by my choice. I want to start believing that I am capable because my Father created me in His image.

I want to stop procrastinating and stopping before I am finished. I want to stop sucking at follow-through.

I want to continue to grow in honesty with myself. It doesn't always feel good but growth is a difficult process. Painful, even. But it's worth it.

In order to start believing I am capable, stop procrastinating and not following through, and continue to grow in honesty I will give myself goals, celebrate small successes (because they lead to the big ones!) and run through the finish line. I won't let up just before I get. I will run through just as hard at the end as I took off in the beginning. Finish strong. Strong finish.


The graphic above is so fitting. This challenge is helping me identify the walls in my life but also enabling me to just keep moving forward and bust them down if need be.