The Year That Will Answer: A Toast To Zora, A 2017 Affirmation

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I love myself when I am laughing... And then again when I am looking mean and impressive.
— Zora Neale Hurston

🍷 to the year of alignment. the year of unstifled laughter. the year of love magnified and glorified. the year of exhalation. the year of everything wonderful that ever escaped my reach, running back to me. the year of redeemed time. the year of God's best being poured out upon the least of these. the year of compassion regenerated. the year of looking good and knowing it. the year of understanding why. the year of the sweet yielding itself to sweeter. the year of peace walking tall amidst the most turbulent of storms. the year that courage bears its teeth, unsheathes its sword and shows its heart. the year of befriending those who have always felt like kindred. the year of kisses that foretell forever. the year of promises to self, kept. the year of unapologetic dancing, joy, and sexy. the year of discarded excess of the mind, body, spirit. the year of diligence and endurance. the year of champagne toasts to many successes, great and small. the year God is revealed in us. the year thriving surpasses surviving, in the midst of it all. the year we go all the way or bust.

Many fears have been overcome. Many obstacles have been hurdled or blown through. New commitments have been made. So, it's time. Time to be everything we've discussed and pontificated upon. It is time to think enough of ourselves to keep our promises to ourselves. It is time to walk through this year with the internal knowing that we belong here and were made for splendor.

I fell in love with Zora Neale Hurston's work in graduate school. I read Their Eyes Were Watching God and immediately knew Janie Crawford's - the main character - struggle and search for a freedom she never could fully touch, only sense spiritually. I knew her determined quest for self-love. I knew then, that Hurston's writing was something righteous and transcendent. And just after what would have been her 126th birthday, I am reminded by her work to live wholly, boldly.

I agree with Pastor Toure Roberts of One Church LA in his prophetic announcement that 2017 is the year of alignment. I agree because the pieces of my life and the lives of those around me have been moving around the board, looking for connection. We have tried various methods and paths. We have given up countless times. We have tried again and again. Tired, we have left our pickaxes leaning against rock that with only one more blow would have revealed jewels untold.

2017 is the year we wo/man our battle stations again. 2017 is the sweet "by and by" in which we will understand it all better. It is the year in which the turmoils and struggles and fights and losses will give themselves over to triumphs because we have made the choice to keep going and to adopt a spirit of excellence, a spirit of endurance.

Alignment and the favor with which it comes is timestamped.

We will take on each task boldly and diligently, doing with haste and precision what needs to be done. We won't wait. We won't put it off for we recognize that time waits for no one and life and all it holds is ours for the asking and taking.

There are years that ask questions and years that answer.
— Zora Neale Hurston