An Untitled Poem For The Now Time


One thing that thrills me about this blog is that there are only two strict rules: Honesty and Evolution.  It allows my transparency to take any form it chooses as long as the intention is to encourage becoming.

I published this poem in times past but it was a simple singsong then.  It sounded good but the meaning was missing a depth I did not discover until recently.  I've swapped some words, capitalized a letter or two, and let something real grow from something I once only wrote for pretense.

In a climate that is rife with confusion, cultural malaise, and catastrophe, life can seem so...unmanageable.  Topsy turvy.  I have laid in bed many times over the past few weeks catching tears with my fingertips and willing myself to remember something good, something holy, something hilarious, something righteous, something...right.

What I keep remembering is a friend.  My mother.  An ancestor.  Myself.  I keep remembering ability.  I keep remembering weakness turned strength.  I keep remembering feasts after famines and I know that this time, the now time, is ripe for internal revolution.  Ripe for personal renaissance and resilience.  And I know that the fire we walk through now won't leave even the slightest scent of smoke.

An Untitled Poem for the Now Time

Uncover me.

Spread me thin.

Foresee my harvest.

Root within.


Move my earth.

Prep my land.

Doctor my soil.

Until I can


Welcome your seed.


Interrupt my dreams.

Allow my contrite tears.

Haunt present with past.

Wash me in my fears.


Turn love away.

Spotlight my agony.

Open my wounds.

Reveal my anatomy.


Touch what hurts.

Reach what strays.

Whisper the words.

Convict my ways.


Promise me much.

But make me wait.

Allow me to lose.

Know my fragile state.


Stir up a storm.

Set me in its eye.

Sweep me in my panic.

Watch me die.


Stand with arms open.

I would run. You knew.

Stand with arms open.

Let me crash into you.


Let forgiveness miss me.

From within for a while.

Turn friends against me.

Let me weep for my lost child.


Lay Life on me.

All odds, You spite.

Recalibrate me.

Move me through night.


Dip me into You.

Purge the unclean.

Show me Your vision.

Let me believe what You mean.


Give me an experience.

You and I alone.

Close out all else.

Bottle my tears at Your throne.


Bring me to my lowest.

Weather me with my story.

Stretch me toward the sun.

A beacon of Your glory.


Grow me in Light.

Move me through air.

Rest my words on other lives.

To do some good there.


Speak that it’s alright.

I’ll believe You, ‘cause I prayed.

If You say it is so.

I’ll believe what You say.


Know that I’ve no other choice.

See my heart from where You stand.

I am all that I am because You said so.

And You’ve written my story with a steady hand.

© 2017 Ashley J. Hobbs