Why I Choose Agreements & Affirmations Over Resolutions

I can ride the high of newness but for so long before I reach a slump or begin to fall back into old habits. This has been my pathology for years. I blame it on my ENFP personality but I've come to find that in addition to consistent times of prayer & communion with God, empowering affirmations help me to stay the course. They remind me of my weak areas and how I want to strengthen them. They also calm me in moments of panic or distress.

The point of agreements and affirmations is not to use them to attempt perfection. Not for me, anyway. The point is to call to remembrance my goals, purpose, ability, and path. Resolutions don't work because more often than not I depend solely on writing them out to make them si with no real commitment to them. Agreements and affirmations reinforce my fierceness on great days when I'm slaying my To Do lists and conquering the world and they refocus my lens on the days when life is a little cloudy and I'm feeling lost. They don't demand my perfection, they command my effort.

After a number of great/difficult conversations with myself, my God, and my girlfriends I've compiled an unconventional list of agreements and affirmations. Beware, this is not just the "cute" affirmations I want to hear to soothe my feelings and ego. It's also heavy with the tough stuff I need to hear, the Debos of affirmations. 


And here they are:


No distractions.


No self-doubt.

You would not be here if you were not capable.

No miscommunication.

Say what you mean. Mean what you say.

No passive aggressive behavior.

Be direct. Even if you're shaking in your boots.

No missed opportunities.

Go for what you know. And you know a lot.

No minding other folks' business.

You've got plenty of your own.

No discussing everything with everybody..

Zip it.

No envy or jealousy. (Marked difference.)

Be happy with what you've got.

No allowing others to sabotage your success/happiness.

Celebrate in spite of. Let's practice in 2016.

No hatred. (Of self or others).

Say love until you see love.

No overworking.

It'll be there when you get back. Take care of you.

No overspending. 

Count the things money can't buy.

No criticism. (Of self or others)

We're all works-in-progress. Be gracious.

No arrogance.

You could be (and often will be) wrong. And that's ok.

No anxiety.

Breathe and go slow. You're moving forward just fine.

No disconnection from God.

Stay plugged into The Source.

No boredom.

There is always something to do, see, or create.

No unhealthy habits.

Let's add years, not subtract them.

No prolonged debt.

Get your head out of the sand & make a plan.

No "holier than thou" behavior.

You may be further than someone else but we're all swimming in the same sea.

No limits.

Your wingspan is massive. Nothing is beyond your reach.

No fear.

Choose faith. You'll fly. I promise.