[PT 1.] This is for the creator in you: When we lose sight of what it's all for

You’ve always known things that others have not. You’ve always seen innovation where others dismissed any viability. There is something distinctive in your dreams. There is something holy in your hands. You knew you were different since childhood. You've got notebooks and iPhone notes, and voice recordings of ideas and thoughts and empires and worlds that crowd your creative imagination. Yet, you wonder if you're really a creator.

There is nothing coincidental about where you are now and what is in you.  You have settled for safety. You know how to hedge a bet better than anyone you know because your 'just in case' is bigger than your conviction of who you are. Your Plans B, C, and D are probably even more detailed than your dream and purpose.

You'll ask yourself a million times in a million different ways,

Am I creator? And what does it mean?

What does it even mean to be a creator anymore?

If I had been asked this question even just one year ago, my answer would have been filled with “ums...” and “wells...” and "I think..."

"Creator" for years was mostly designated for ad men and television show producers. Now, it's permeated every mode of communication and social platform. Everyone is or wants to be a creator in some capacity.  While, technically, this isn't a bad thing, it has misshapen the idea and intent to the point that we may have lost touch with the realities of actual creatorship. 

To be a creator has become synonymous with overnight fame, perfection, and across-the-board likability.

Yeah... No.

And I know we all know this intellectually but emotionally and socially it can be difficult to articulate and focus on what we know about creatorship. When we see high follower counts rewarded with brand deals and interviews; when perfectly curated Instagram pages garner likes and adoration; when panel discussions are filled with those who seem to have ‘made it’ on social media — it’s easy for our lens to blur a bit, leaving reality out of focus.

In order to understand creatorship and to truly see ourselves as creators  we have to look at the source of creation:

Then God said, “Let Us (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) make man in Our image, according to Our likeness [not physical, but a spiritual personality and moral likeness]; and let them have complete authority...” So God created man in His own image, in the image and likeness of God He created him; male and female He created them. And God blessed them [granting them certain authority]...”
— Genesis 1:25-28

God created us and everything we see, touch, feel, and hear from an abyss of nothingness. We are equipped to innovate from the glut of sameness (which is just about the same as nothingness) we are constantly bombarded with - as we scroll our timelines, attend events, watch films, read books, attend classes we are accosted by fast-selling mediocrity.  We can even be tricked into believing replication is just the name of the game at this point. But it's not.  Replication is a surefire way to lose yourself and your creative spark.

To be a creator means to walk in lockstep with God foreseeing, speaking and innovating beauty and progression. To be a creator is to recognize and walk in the authority we have to look into oversaturated spaces and call forth purpose, form, name, and specific influence where it seems none exists.

It means that we use our hands, eyes, hearts, and minds to summon the unthinkable; to imagine what, for most, is unimaginable. Likes and views do not offer enough support for creators to hand over our process, authority, and power to them. The ability to create is not to garner validation. Validation is only truly effective when it comes from the One who commissioned us to create; from the adventure of going all the way in in collaboration with God.

Creating is realized from a desire to reveal truth that lifts — sometimes beautiful, sometimes ugly, but always real.

Suss out your particular calling. It will be unlike what receives the most attention on social media, and that is by divine design. Sure, it is intimidating to swim upstream when it seems the rest of the world is content to let the current carry them. 

But you are not like the rest of the world and what is in you, can't wait another minute.

You are a creator because God deemed it so from the beginning and everything in you agrees. It's time to foresee, speak, and create.

Discussion: When did you first realize you are a creator? What confirmation did you receive and how did you begin to move in that identity? Leave a comment below!