Who Are You? And Other Questions The Mirror Begs Of Me

What if you’re just a vessel
and God gave you something special?
It ain’t yours to throw away.
It ain’t yours to throw away.
Every time you open up your mouth
Diamonds come rollin’ out.
It ain’t yours
It ain’t yours to throw away.
— It Ain't Yours To Throw Away x Scarlett & Gunnar (Nashville Cast)

Who are you? No, really. When there are no more awards to won, no recommendations to be given. When you’ve reached the height of esteem and privilege and notoriety, who are you?

I don’t mean “What do you do for a living?” I am WEARY of that stodgy question.

WHO ARE you?

I don’t mean “What skills are you REALLY good at?”

I mean, WHO are YOU?

When you’ve retired and there are no more raises to be given out. When the corporate ladder has run out of rungs to climb. Where will you land? Will you land in a pit of despair, feeling less than the worst because you’ve no longer got a career to boost your view of yourself?

Will you land amongst your loving family with whom you’ll laugh, roast marshmallows, go to church, visit museums, and binge watch favorite television shows?

When you’ve collected every trophy possible and your body is simply not as agile as it was in your prime, who will you be then?

Who are you NOW when you’ve left the office, the studio, the lab, the classroom? When you have time to yourself, if only five minutes, what do you dream of? Do you dream at all? If you don’t, when did you stop?

What were you created for? How do you feel? Where do you feel most free? What are you doing when you feel most alive? Who are you with? What makes your heart beat a little faster? What brings an involuntary smile to your lips? Whose life are you compelled to change? What destination has your name all over it? Whose touch propels you through the stratosphere and back? What sensations do you feel when you wake? What do you think on just before your eyes fall shut at night? What do you remember when you see a dynamic sunset? What do you actively try to forget? What do you need to remember?

And if you don't know the answers to these questions: When did you become ok with living beneath your privilege?

When did you decide it better to bow to the gods of conformity than to stand in the light of freedom?

Fear is no excuse but you already knew that, didn't you? You are surrounded by the greatest cloud of witnesses, their lives attesting to what miracles can be made when faith fires all its got at fear.

What will it take for you to step into yourself? What will it take for you to put your hand to the plough and refuse to turn back?

Are you going to continue to live with a mind and heart cluttered with visions, dreams, and prophecies untouched? Aren't you tired of living a "safe" life, a life full to its brim, a life that has yet to truly be poured out? 

And who are you to hold God's tongue?