I got tired of faking, of getting the talking right but not the walking. That's why this space exists.  To pull truth from life instead of carefully curating it to appear 'together.'  To show that life has happened to all of us and we've happened to life in the best of ways and the worst.  The journey, no matter how messy or miraculous, is a series of necessary stories.  As an advocate, creative and educator, I want to use those stories to give others permission to be honest too.  Here, you'll find transparent content about the constant, beautiful, and challenging collision of faith, love, wellness and culture with everyday life.  From spiritual growth to mental health to love and relationships to identity to politics.  Personal essays, interviews with incredible creatives, short stories, poetry, prose, & videos live in this space and Authenticity is the catch-all theme.

This is a safe place to examine real life and celebrate spiritual and creative evolution.  So, whether you stepped across the threshold of your own free will or tumbled down the rabbit hole and landed hard, you are welcome here.  Let's be real and well together.