Ashley J.H.


I know how it feels to pray for the confidence it takes to get a great idea off of the ground. I know how it feels to run out of steam halfway through. I know how it feels to doubt everything you thought you knew about yourself and God when life just seems like it won’t allow you to thrive in the ways you know you’re called to.

I also know what it means to find absolute clarity in purpose and commission. I know what it means to trust my ideas and allow myself to thrive in spite of what’s going on around me. I know what it means to allow my questions to drive my faith and fuel my purpose.

And I want to share it all with you.

I am a writer + producer creating content experiences that evoke action in purpose on purpose. I want to see creatives get clarity, peace, and the freedom they need to pursue their ideas with gusto and faith.

I am excited about being of service to those who want to become more deeply engaged in conversations and community centered around faith.