Devo 3.1 - I Command My Day

I have the bad habit of allowing my emotions to lead me in my decision-making sometimes.  The two emotions that I allow to dictate my actions most are anxiety and anger.  If I'm anxious about an outcome or lack or what other people will think I will rush a decision just to see something get done. Nine times out of ten it was NOT the best decision to make and I end up regretting it or ending up with yet another broken piece to fix because of my haste.

Even though it takes a while to get me to full-blown anger, when I am angry, I'm more prone to saying things that are rash and downright mean. Things I can't easily take back or apologize away.

I'm learning to reel myself back in those moments of heightened emotion.  It's easy to pray about things calmly and listen for an answer when I feel no immediate threat. It's harder to do it when the clock is ticking and people are depending on me to make a decision OR when someone has pushed my last button and I'm 2.5 seconds away from giving them a piece of my mind and tongue, too.

In this season of my life, I'm paying special attention to how I show up in the world on a daily basis.  I have control over how I prepare, what I say, and how I respond to life. I command my day. I command it when I plan and pray. I also command it when I don't and I fly off the handle making less-than-smart decisions.

It's a choice. 

A choice I make daily, moment by moment.

I choose to either be in control (by the grace of God) or not.

In this season, I choose to allow wisdom to have the first and the final say in my life.