Devo 1.3 - Stay The Course

We can't misinterpret moving forward with busyness, constantly DOING. Sometimes being still is the definition of forward movement. We will never know HOW to get where we're supposed to go if we never willingly sit still to hear that still small voice. This is a realization that comes out of me rushing & making bad decision after bad decision.  I've made enough bad decisions that now I am excited to wait. To be still. To listen. To feel. Mastery of THAT? It PROPELS us forward.  Be determined to move forward the way YOU'RE being called to move forward. It won't look like everybody else's forward movement & that's ok.  

Sometimes we're on the sidelines & everything in us wants in the game but like Mary Mary said, "It's ok as long as He's sitting w/me."  There are things in us being moved around, uprooted, fed, watered in those "sit still" moments that will push us forward at lightning speed.  Give yourself the space and the grace to be still and know... 

And then go.

Keep going this week. The miracle is in that determination. 
Who cares who got to the finish line before you? Perhaps your distance is a little longer. So what if you fall? That's par for course. It's what you pick up along the way that matters.

Quitting isn't an option. Today or any other day.