Devo 2.0 - Wait and Listen

Wait and listen.

When I look at how God spoke to people in the Bible it was never to intimidate, belittle or to stir up fear, confusion, or doubt. He offered solutions that brought peace.p God's voice has never rushed me into a compulsive decision or a half-hearted attempt at something. And yet, so many times I've missed (or all-out ignored) His voice in favor of keeping up with everyone else. There were times when His voice couldn't break through all the others I was plugged into.

When i got tired enough of being confused, disappointed, doubtful, & intimidated, I started relearning how to wait and listen.

I had to stop asking everyone else's opinion and get still in the presence of the only One who knows exactly what I'm made for. 

It. Is. Not. Easy. But I get it now, that getting still is the only way to be confident in the next decision I make. So WHAT if everyone else is moving a mile a minute? It's real easy to lose sight of what our SOULS need when we're tracking everyone else. I'm embracing the peace I need to move only when I hear it clearly. And it doesn't have to be elaborate, just the direction.

Got to trust the sovereignty of God over the bravado, the noise of the "self-made" narrative.